Fear Be Gone

There’s a bright blue book on my desk. It’s called “Start now – Get Perfect Later”. I bought it to help me stop procrastinating. It has remained unread the seven months since. Recognising that simple irony has pushed me to start this blog.

I’ve been afraid of writing publicly for fear of it not being perfect. The fear has kept me paralysed. It has kept me from learning. I don’t have a specific plan but I’d love to share my experiences and my work. It’ll be part diary, part travel journal, part photography, part video. Entries could be daily, weekly or just sporadic, but the oversharing of personal embarrassments and moral befoulments is likely.

Fear can strangle creativity. My travels help my fear lose its edge. If you notice a typo, silently congratulate yourself. I may also make up some new words. Thanks for reading. 

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